Sunday Morning

on Saturday, July 31, 2010

Potatoes and Eggs with Onions, We grew up on this stuff, my husband still craves it and once and a while I'll make it for him. Great for a lazy Sunday morning or a lunch with a salad.
I guess you could call it a frittata, but we just call it potatoes and eggs. Four simple ingredients blended together make a wondrous combination!
Thick sliced red onion
Pre-cooked red potatoes
Romano cheese

Saute your potatoes and onions in olive oil, add a very generous amount of romano cheese to your beaten eggs then pour over all and cook til set. Sprinkle with fresh flat leaf parsley.
Or you might want something like this! Toasted Italian bread, ( I love that smell) slathered with fresh basil pesto, now go ahead and add a thick slice of a nice juicy summer tomato and then top it with an egg.

Whatever you decide, it's all good.
Happy Sunday morning!